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SeniorShare Program of Galveston County

Help Us Entertain And Honor Our Senior Citizens

Kevin Yackly founded the SeniorShare Program of Galveston County in December of 2009. He has believed in philanthropic endeavours since Grand Prize Barbeque was founded some 24 years ago.

The SeniorShare Program of Galveston County, Inc. was founded in an effort reduce holiday depression among senior citizens, and to provide a community where no elderly persons go unnoticed or unrecognized during the holiday season. We want to celebrate being a Senior Citizen.

We ask all citizens both corporate and private to join with us to make our Senior Citizens feel loved and needed.

We celebrate with 3 events a year. In April we celebrate the Galveston County Fair by providing a "Senior Comfort Station". In July we have an old fashioned "Celebrate America Event" and in December we have "The Ultimate Holiday Senior Gala". We encourage everyone to love and show respect to all Seniors in our county especially during the Holidays. Grand Prize Barbeque has many ideas on how to do successful fundraisers for your group or charity. Call or email us so we can suggest to you how to raise money for your group or charity.

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Useful Information

"Name Your Own Deal" Catering

Because of hard economic times we now offer "Name your own Deal " catering. You e-mail us a budget (price per person ) that you would like to stay in, we will custom design a menu that fits your budget. Please remember this does not include sales tax.

Emergency & Industrial Catering

We offer Industrial & Emergency Catering and Safety Meals! We can cater for any situation! Call us at 281-389-7590 for Emergency Catering Needs!
Safety Classes
Industrial Emergencies

Custom Cooking & Smoking

Let Grand Prize Barbeque deep fry or smoke your Holiday Turkeys, etc. Starting at $0.99 per lb. Call us today for more info! We also offer Full Holiday Meals for Thanksgiving & Christmas all the fixin's included.